Advantages of Buying with Zero Deposit First Homes

  1. With Zero Deposit First Homes, you will not have to contribute to the deposit on your home

  2. You've probably heard the phrase "Interest rates are at an all time low," but did you know they're at their lowest point in 5,000 years?

  3. In many cases mortgage repayments are less than the weekly household rental

  4. All Australian states and terrirories offer some form of First Home Owners Grant. For example, in Queensland, First Home Buyers are eligible for ‘$15,000 Grant’* for buying a brand new home. 

  5. First Home Buyers don’t pay Stamp Duty based on the land value of up to $250,000  for Qld and $350,000.00 for NSW. This could save you up to $7,175.00!

  6. If you buy now, you aren't required to move in straight away! If you have 4 months remaining on your current lease, you can buy now and fulfil the Government requirements by moving in within a year. Save money by renting it our in the meantime (Note: you will not qualify for the Stamp Duty Concession if you rent out the property initially)

  7. You are only required to live in the property for 6 months, after which time you can rent the property out (Note: in order to retain the Stamp Duty Concession you must live in the property for 12 months)

  8. In Queensland, the First Home Buyers Great Start Grant has changed a number of times over the years, with the current Grant being the most financially attractive. The opportunity is NOW to take advantage of this Grant while it is available, as the Government can withdraw or change the structure at any time.



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